God’s Leading Me to Haiti

This is an overview giving detail of my journey as God placed a calling and a vision to help the people of Haiti. Rather long so please allow time to read it thoroughly, understand this journey has allowed many other organizations who did not meet the objectives and mission of it being a Haitian Organization, and empowering them and also the Kingdom Business Community component is the main objective, create meaningful jobs and empowering the young people.

I wrote this almost a year ago, as I have recently returned from Haiti, I’m reflecting on what happened there – it was a God ordained productive week:

***Building site chosen, broke ground, dug footers, and poured them for the First Responders Base, a 4,000sf building. Once complete will have guest living quarters as well as first aid room, kitchen and dining area.

*****Fiber Optic cable installation and a commercial Motorola Hot Zone up and working for providing WiFi for the entire campus

******DPC, Protection Civile Director meeting and his excitement in giving his support and asking for my help in helping them design and build Ambulances in Haiti, which we can do at our proposed Micro Business Center in Titanyen, much to do but if God is in it, it will happen.



Haiti Kingdom Business Community/Haiti First Responders vision was given by the Lord to help create a better way to help the Haitian people. The Culture of Poverty which is so embedded in Haitian Voodoo/Witchcraft and evil spirits is a class or society ruled by tension, fear, and moral disorder. This causes their set of values, beliefs and attitudes which are so rooted in this “Voodoo” religion that impacts the way its adherents think and act. Thus, creating a mindset that resists progress! Many Haitian’s fear the power of voodoo more than they fear God!

The word “Rescue” in Creole is spelled “DELIVRE”, which is the need in Haiti – to DELIVRE them from the Culture of Poverty to a Culture of Hope and Success. They must have a heart change and have a radical experience with Christ. Then help them learn how to fish for their own fish and stop allowing a constant hand out of food and aid.

While working in Haiti just after the 2010 earthquake I witnessed many things that the Holy Spirit allowed to open my eyes and better understand the Culture and the Haitian people, in a way that has caused a love and passion to help steer them in a new Culture. My concern became greater when I became friends with many Haitian’s and while attending a Haitian church each Sunday. The Disaster Relief Agency I was working for employed over 1,000 Haitian workers and translator’s. This Agency paid those workers very well and far above the average wage, a fact Haiti still has a unemployment rate near 70%. The Lord allowed me to become concerned and understand and visualize……what are these Haitian workers going to do for jobs once their employers left the country? It was projected that this disaster relief agency would leave Haiti in 2-3 years, but many had built their hope and dreams of always having a job which provided them to care for their families. What would they do for providing food and a lifestyle they had become accustomed to having? The burden and desire for providing meaningful employment long term became a great concern. WORK, is God’s primary plan for provision, it brings hope and builds a better way of life.

I prayed and sought what could I do to help, what was suppose to be my last Sunday in Haiti, and saying my goodbyes to my Haitian church friends, my heart was so heavy. As I pulled out of the village onto the main highway, I saw a level open field and made this statement to the van load of medical team riding along, “would that not make a great place to start a  “Christ Centered Microenterprise Project” that would provide jobs? I then pulled off of the highway and shared my heart with the van load of volunteers medical team members. My greatest concern what are these people going to do without jobs once their employment had stopped! Shared my burden and I asked if they would remember me in prayer to know what God would have me to do to help in that concern. One of the Doctors, said we can do that now, and he prayed for me and my burden and for whatever it took for me to know and do the Lord’s Will would be made known to me.

Little did I know that the same medical team the next day would request my help in situation that required my permission to allow them to render aid to a small boy at our compound gate needing medical attention and in urgent need of being rescued from an abusive situation. That request and the next 5 days in which was to be my last 5 days in Haiti turned out not to be my last day or Sunday but also to keep me on task and the answer to that Doctors prayer, “whatever it takes”  to help Rick understand and doing Your Will in his life is revealed. That little boy placed in my path by the Lord became the tool and the reason that God has used to keep me on task and focused on doing His Kingdom Business revealed to me back in 2010. This little boy was a child slave or in Haiti called a “Resturvek” , found in a box, crying  by the woman abusing him by having him bound to chain with the cows and goats. She would beat him with a flat side of a machete, causing the skin to roll and be cut, requiring the medical attention he needed.

A Judge in Cabaret, Haiti placed that little boy in my care and gave him a name, and made me his legal guardian and he is in a great orphanage in Haiti. Reggie’s story will be told in the days ahead.

The culture of poverty that grips the Haitian people so deeply, requires action and a way to help them be DELIVRE or be rescued from this poverty cycle. Just like Reggie needing to be given his freedom and a new view of his potential, that needs to happen to the Haitian people. God allowed me to understand and realize that to have a new culture and viable ministry, we must have a viable reason for being in community.

Titanyen/O.C.S.E.N.O.E. Project will make our viable project to be called Haiti First Responders based at the Titanyen Baptist Church property, which is at KM26 Route National 1, 12-15 miles from PAP. That will expand to include Haiti Kingdom Business in Microenterprise projects.

Our efforts first  will be to train in Disaster Relief, EMS, Fire, and Rescue. Once training is complete …..offer a First Responder service that will begin…..as equipment and operations funding is received.

Christian Business Ethics and general business ….teaching and the reason and why we all need to understand the concept of what it means to serve and help those in need. What I found while serving in 2010 was that when I witness a serious accident with injures, that rather than rendering First Aid, was that the bystanders would be on their cell phones calling the families to come get them to transport for treatment. So basic First Aid and CPR will be our start and then more advanced training. To begin, we might only only be a Quick Response service until additional training and resources come into play. Immediately we hope to raise monies for a new EMS facility that will serve this program. We have a very nice facility and classrooms already in place to allow our training , not only in medical area but also in Biblical teaching and Business classes. Those students taking these First Responders classes and showing the most promise and skills and Godly gifts will be recruited to a Kingdom Entrepreneurial teaching model.

Ambitious goal but key in job creation and helping create Entrepreneurs who can start a business and then help create wealth and change the poverty culture to hope and success!

Again, the First Responders program is the viable reason and tool to help the Haitian people understand the meaning of being a servant in serving each other. Haitian’s helping Haitian’s!

We have a opportunity to connect to a fiber Optic Internet cable to allow us a way to teach remotely and also live streaming. We have a cable provider that can supply us 20 Mbps service.   Costly, at $400 per month but we can provide teaching and learning resources for many hours each day to do the Kingdom Business Affairs/Opportunities!! Prayer for funding!

Community Engagement is our objective by allowing the citizens to learn the value and become engagers to and learn together on behalf of their communities, which will create and help them realize that the culture of poverty will be replaced with a Kingdom Business Culture and objective. Our goal for the HFR program is to have a exit  strategy of 3 years, plus/minus.

Please understand we are developing a website for the OCSENOE Community Project, which is in the early formation (website) however they do have a Facebook page on line. God has allowed me to be the vessel and the Vision was God given, I am just the broken and leaking vessel He has chosen to use, much like Moses, I am not worthy or smart or talented but a willing servant that He has chosen for helping the Haitian people understand the concept of a Cultural change from one of Poverty to one of God’s Kingdom Business and what it means to live a totally surrendered life and the joy of serving others, by being the hands and feet of JESUS.

The goal and objective is for this to be a Haitian Ministry owned and operated by the Haitian people with the help of those God is placing along the way to give the assistance they will need.

O.C.S.E.N.O.E. Community Group contacted me June 2016 and asked for me to meet with them and see if I could help them with their efforts. It was not until late February 2017  until I could return to Haiti and meet with the group. Our first meeting lasted 2 hours and I shared my heart and vision that God gave me for helping develop a Christ Centered Microenterprise Business project, which included a First Responder program. That meeting was followed 2 days later with an another 5 hour meeting with Pastor Kelly and the community group and a consensus was evident as the two visions and objectives and the two being merged needed to be married and brought to fruition, to advance the Kingdom objectives in the region.

O.C.S.E.N.O.E. Community group shared their vision and it was amazing how many of their objectives align with the vision and objectives the Lord gave me. One of my concerns was that this be a Haitian run and operated project and that the entire vision and Haiti Kingdom Business Community project be not just for one Community but expand it to other surroundings Communities. That is also the long term desire of Team O.C.S.E.N.O.E.

One of the additional ministry objectives (Haiti First Responders) is to have a Mobile Kitchen/Feeding Unit  in Haiti that can be put in service in a disaster or major incident event, and when not used for that purpose, provide meals for special events and for their already in place prison ministry. The O.C.S.E.N.O.E. team wants to help feed the prisoners, and ministry to their spiritual needs. Other Ministry opportunities and services will be considered as funding becomes available, such as a Vacation Bible School, awards/special meal for ending curriculum.

Much like Nehemiah, who God gave a vision and objective and has given me a passion and desire to serve and help the Haitian people. HE has used a little boy who was in need of being Rescued /DELIVRE from his life of abuse to be the tool/hook that has kept me on task for the Vision and Task God has given me. It has taken almost 5 years for the Lord to direct me to Titanyen and the OCSENOE Community Group. My desire for this being a Haitian project, in which the Haitian people themselves run and operated the project, many say it cannot be done! But, I serve a God who is able and He will in His time see it be a success.

“SUBSIDIARITY” “an issue or problem should be dealt with by the people who are closest to it…..” Haiti is no different…..this suggests that when my neighbor has a problem, I am in the best position to help and take action. Only Haitian’s can solve Haiti’s problems. NGO’s and other outside organizations only prolong the culture of poverty and in fact they “own” the problem and possibly make it worse by fostering a “victim” or “entitlement” mentality! The outsiders cannot fix Haiti problems, only a culture change and heart change as they understand the issue and God’s plan for them.

My request and need is for help in this task God has entrusted me with is now to surround myself with Godly men/women who can help in this endeavor. May sound far fetched but this could be a tool to completely change Haiti to a culture of success from its present culture of poverty. For those reading my blog in its feeble attempt to explain the Vision/Objective, I request you suggest or volunteer yourself and help steer my efforts. Those college or university leaders who have a international program, this could be a great opportunity to help and cover a range of subject/degree programs. Perhaps we could offer on-line degree programs or who knows what God can do!……Some of which could be as follows:

  • EMS /Rescue/Emergency Medical Care
  • Fire Services
  • Emergency & Disaster Management
  • Nurse/CNA/Medical Technology
  • I/T program/Remote teaching technology
  • Computer Science Technology
  • Agriculture/ Agribusiness Program
  • Alternative Energy Technology
  • Business Management including Christian Business Ethics/ Biblical teaching
  • Entrepreneurship program
  • Environmental Health
  • International Studies
  • Hospitality/Tourism Management
  • Film/Television Production

First objective is to start with the EMS/Fire/Rescue/Disaster and Ethics and simple business and understanding of being a servant and change the Culture! Then progress into the other program/interest of the Haitian people, let the Haitian people tell us, their desires. We are just the enabling body of Christ helping steer them as God directs.


Titanyen Baptist Church currently has 12-15 acres of land, another 14 acre track may be in play.


  1. old church has around 10,000 square feet, stage and power ( generator) would make a great community center and multipurpose for larger groups.
  2. School building (K-6) consists of 3 building, one is 2-stories, 12-15 classrooms, fair size and the school is dismissed at 1 pm. Note the need is great for the upper grades (7-12) but funding is the issue. Usually those higher grades attend school in the afternoon.
  3. New Church just finished last year is huge, estimated at 25,000 sf, will seat 5000. Very big and open area with removal bench seats. Note, Global Outreach/Haiti American run and operated 65 acre ministry nearby and they provided the materials and engineering for this new church. The church members provided the labor themselves and it took some time to get complete but it taught the community the value of servanthood and produced the OCSENOE Community Group.
  4. Titanyen is located 15-20 miles from the PaP airport and the main highway National Route 1 boarders the property and we do have a 20 Mbps/FTTH Fiber Optic along this highway that is only 150 feet from the proposed First Responder building and the old church/vocational building.

This allows the option to use the internet to provide remote teaching and live streaming in our objective to teach and train for the different programs being offered.

  1. Port Lafito, located in site of Titanyen and only 2-3 miles by road, a $300,000,000 project.

Also, consists of over 1,000 acre industrial/business  park which will include an industrial free trade zone. This will create more than 30,000 jobs over the next 2 years. RSI, a garment mfg. has committed to be the first tenant and will be providing 5,000 jobs. Vocational training as well as the need for EMS/Fire services has already been discussed with the CFO of Port Lafito, In fact he has already paid a visit to our Titanyen site. They have asked for us to obtain a ambulance and a fire truck asap, and have offered to help get them to Haiti.

Hopefully, Port Lafito will provide some funding for our operations and provide services to help us in our project as we serve the Haitian communities in the Cabaret Region.

Haiti Kingdom Business and Haiti First Responders Vision is a work and ministry that has been a God ordained calling. Both myself and the O.C.S.E.N.O.E. Titanyen Community core group understand fully that many obstacles and challenges are in front of us. We will stand united and one accord and in much prayer as we follow the lead and direction the Holy Spirit in this effort to change the the Culture of Poverty to a Culture of Hope and Success.

Our request is for those reading and understanding our Vision to help us pray for the leaders and board of directors and staff to see this endeavor become a shining city and beacon on a hill that brings change and help Navigate to chart the Course. Will you help us?